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LHVC7/LHVC12 vacuum contactor

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  • LHVC7/LHVC12 vacuum contactor

Product name:LHVC7/LHVC12 vacuum contactor

Product introduction

LHVC7/LHVC12 vacuum contactor

NAME UNIT     Number value
    LHVC7 LHVC12 LHVC/P Withdrawable
  Rated working voltage (Ue) kV 7.2 12 7.2 12
  Rated working current (Ie) A 400 400 ≤315 (depending on the fuse) ≤200 (depending on the fuse)
The main circuit Rated frequency (fr) Hz 50/60
Rated closing capacity kA 4
Rated breaking capacity kA 3.2
Rated short-time withstand current kA 6
Rated peak withstand current kA 15
Rated short-circuit duration s 1
Rated expected short-circuit breaking current kA / ≤50 (depending on the fuse)
  Rated expected short-circuit making current kA 100
  Handover current kA 4
  Power frequency withstand voltage Alternately and relative to each other kV 32 42 32 42
  Vacuum fracture kV 32 42 32 42
  Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 60 75 60 75
  Resistance μΩ ≤150 ≤150 ≤300 (Without fuse)
Control circuit Rated voltage (Us) V AC OR DC.110/220 AC OR DC.110/220 AC OR DC.110/220
rated power Electric hold VA ≤1000/100 (pull-in/hold)
  (Ps) Mechanical retention VA ≤1200/800 (close/open) ≤1200/350 (close/open)
way to control   E type: electrical retention; M type: mechanical retention
Auxiliary circuit Form   5a+5b 6a+6b
Rated value   AC 220V/5A
Control circuit, auxiliary circuit to ground kV 2
Power frequency withstand voltage
Rated operating frequency Long-term or mechanical retention type Times/h 300
short term Times/h 600
Mechanical life Million times 100 100 30
Electric life Million times 10(AC-3)
Closing time ms 45-65 ≤150
Mechanical properties Inherent opening time ms 25-40 (electric hold) ≤150 (electric hold)
15-30 (mechanical retention) ≤60 (mechanical retention)
Three phases in different periods ms ≤3
net weight kg 26 (electric hold) 81 (without fuse)
28 (mechanical retention)

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