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LHVCX800/1000/1250/1400 Vacuum Contactor

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  • LHVCX800/1000/1250/1400 Vacuum Contactor

Product name:LHVCX800/1000/1250/1400 Vacuum Contactor

Product introduction

LHVCX800/1000/1250/1400 Vacuum Contactor

NAME UNIT Numerical value
The main circuit Rated working voltage (Ue) V 1000
  Rated working current (Ie) A 800、1000、1250、1400
  Rated heating current (Ith) A 800、1000、1250、1400
  Rated frequency (fr) Hz 50
  Rated making capacity A 4Ie (AC-2)
  Rated breaking capacity A 4Ie (AC-2)
  Power frequency withstand voltage Alternate, relative kV 4.2
    Vacuum fracture kV 5
Control circuit Rated voltage V AC or DC110/220
  Rated power (Ps) Electric hold VA ≤800/25 (pull-in/hold)
Auxiliary circuit Form   3NO+3NC
  Rated value   AC 380V/5A
      DC 380V/1A
Power frequency withstand voltage of secondary circuit to ground kV 2
Rated operating frequency Long term 次/h 300
  short term 次/h 600
Mechanical life 万次 30
Electric life 万次 10
Mechanical properties Closing time ms ≤95
  Inherent opening time ms ≤30
  Three phases in different periods ms ≤3
  Closing bounce ms ≤10

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