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WTY-205Z Pressure Thermometer Motor Bearing Temperature Meas

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  • WTY-205Z Pressure Thermometer Motor Bearing Temperature Meas

Product name:WTY-205Z Pressure Thermometer Motor Bearing Temperature Meas

Product introduction

WTY-205Z Pressure Thermometer Motor Bearing Temperature Measuring Instrument
Overview of WTY-205 Z temperature measuring instrument
The WTY series temperature measuring instrument is another pointer instrument specially developed for motor temperature measurement after the WTZ series. The instrument adopts a light alloy shell, beautiful design, compact structure, and the elastic element adopts imported materials with high precision. Good reliability and stable performance. The WTY series instrument has a solid structure and a beautiful appearance. It is an ideal mechatronics temperature measuring instrument.
The material of the instrument shell is light alloy.
2. Product features of WTY-205 Z temperature measuring instrument
a. Convenient observation, clear reading, sensitive temperature measurement, stable performance, strong shock resistance;
b. It can display on site and output remote signal;
c. It has integrated functions of sensing, display and remote transmission.
3. Significance of WTY-205 Z temperature measuring instrument model
WTY-205 temperature measuring instrument series model example:
WTY-203 (z) Pressure type remote 4-20mA signal thermometer (shockproof)
WTY-205 (z) Pressure type remote Pt100 signal thermometer (shockproof)
BWTY-203 (z) Pressure type explosion-proof remote 4-20mA signal thermometer (shockproof)
BWTY-205 (z) Liquid pressure type explosion-proof remote Pt100 signal thermometer (shockproof)
BWTY-205 (Z)/2 Double Pt100 signal explosion-proof thermal resistance remote transmission temperature meter (shockproof)
4. Working conditions of WTY-205 Z temperature measuring instrument
a. Ambient temperature -20~40℃;
b. The relative humidity is not more than 95% (+25℃).
5. Technical performance
a. Temperature measurement range: 0~100℃;
b. Accuracy level: 2.0 or 1.5;
c. Probe size: Ø10×50 (or according to user requirements. The probe size of this type of instrument can be smaller);
d. Probe mounting thread: M16×1.5 (or according to user requirements);
e. Output signal: Pt100 (or thermocouple, 4-20mA);
f. Measuring distance: 1.5M (or according to user requirements);
g. Protection level: IP55;
h. Additional function: anti-corrosion, insulation, another note when selecting.
6. Selection example of WTY-205 Z temperature measuring instrument
Model: WTY-205. Technical conditions: Ø10×50, M16×1.5, measuring distance 1.5M, temperature bulb plus insulation.
7. Appearance and structure size of WTY-205 Z temperature measuring instrument
Installation size: 82×82
8. Installation and wiring
a. When installing the instrument, check whether the explosion-proof mark on the nameplate of the instrument is consistent with the installation environment;
b. The connecting wire should be a copper shielded cable with a cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 0.2 square millimeters;
c. Open the junction box of the instrument, use a wrench to unscrew the compression nut of the cable entry device, and firmly connect the cable to the terminal (or terminal) in the junction box.
   Connect, then install the junction box, and tighten the four-corner screws;
d. The grounding screw on the meter must be reliably grounded with a grounding wire;
e. When installing, the signal transmission line should be fixed with a tie head at a distance of no more than 300mm. When the signal transmission line is too long, it can be pulled in a suitable position and cut
   Don't litter and keep away from heating equipment;
f. After the meter is used, it should be checked once a year. If possible, it can be checked by itself or returned to the manufacturer for checking;
g. When the sealing ring in the introduction device is aging and deteriorated, it should be replaced in time;
h. The minimum outer diameter of the cable used by the user is φ6, and it is recommended to choose between φ6-φ12;

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