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Explosion-proof bimetal thermometer

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  • Explosion-proof bimetal thermometer

Product name:Explosion-proof bimetal thermometer

Product introduction

Explosion-proof bimetal thermometer
The explosion-proof bimetal thermometer case is made of aluminum alloy profile. According to the aluminum alloy profile case, the power circuit in the instrument panel that will cause flames and electric isolation is separated from the flammable vapor compound outside the watch case and strap, and then exceeds the barrier. Explosive purpose. The commodity characteristics of the explosion-proof electrical contact bimetal thermometer conform to BG3836.1-2000 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment for flammable vapors in natural environments Part 1: General provisions" and GB3836.2-2000 "Explosion-proof for flammable vapors in natural environments" Electrical equipment Part 2: Specification for explosion-proof electrical equipment "d". Explosion-proof electrical contact bimetal thermometers contain electrical touch devices—that is, electrical contacts of mechanical equipment. When the temperature of the measured substance changes, the thin shaft on the end is arbitrarily made and the transmission system is organized to push the needle and the moving contact point to rotate, and the temperature change value is marked on the dial. When it is in contact with the fixed contact point (on , Lower limit contact point) The instantaneous speed of touching or breaking makes the posture of the automobile relay and AC contactor in the electronic control system exceed the purpose of the automatic control system and alarm.
The explosion-proof bimetal thermometer is a single-needle indicator that uses a bimetallic piece wound into a spiral tube shape to be fixed at one end, and connected to the needle at the other free end, which rotates with the change of temperature and pushes the needle to rotate to indicate the temperature. Thermometer. Crude oil, coking plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies and other companies produce and manufacture liquid, vapor, and vapor substances within the range of -80~+500℃ and their solid surface in the whole process of martensite and other explosive products on the spot. temperature check.
1. Performance indicators
a. Temperature measurement range: 0-100℃;
b. Accuracy level: 2.0 or 1.5;
c. Probe size: Ø12×150 (or according to user requirements);
d. Probe mounting thread: M27×5 (or according to user requirements);
e. Output signal: Pt100 (or thermocouple, 4-20mA signal);
f. Measuring distance: 1.5M (or according to user requirements);
g. Protection level: IP55
h. Additional function: anti-corrosion, insulation, another note when selecting.
2. Selection content
Selected model: BWSSP (explosion-proof bimetallic thermometer with PT100)
Structure type: radial type, axial type, universal type, adjustable angle type.
Nominal diameter: 60MM, 100MM, 150MM.
Temperature measurement range: 0-100℃, other requirements
Horn mouth orientation: right, left, two-way, other requirements.
Installation requirements: Ø12×150 (probe size), M27×2 (installation thread size), measuring distance 1.5 meters.
Additional functions: anti-corrosion, insulation, etc.
Temperature control: optional, live contact (double upper limit, single upper limit, upper and lower limit)
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