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Hoist overload limiter BQX-X

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  • Hoist overload limiter BQX-X

Product name:Hoist overload limiter BQX-X

Product introduction

Hoist overload limiter BQX
■ BQX type
BQX type lifting weight limiter is an intelligent crane protection device, mainly used for overload protection of single beam hoist and other equipment. It is a highly intelligent overload protection device independently developed based on the factory's previous production experience. BQX type lifting weight limiter is mainly composed of sensors, steel wire rope pressing device, control instrument, display instrument (optional) and other parts. It has the characteristics of convenient installation and debugging, stable quality, high degree of intelligence, small size and beautiful appearance. The control instrument can be installed integrally with the sensor or separately installed in the electric control box and other places.
■ Main technical parameters
1. Scope of application: Mainly used for electric hoists and other lifting equipment of various models and specifications from 0.5t to 300t.
2. Action error: ±5% (F·S)
3. Display accuracy: ±5% (F·S)
4. Alarm point setting:
(1) The warning point is 90% of the rated lifting capacity.
(2) Delay alarm point, 105% of rated lifting capacity.
(3) Immediate alarm point, 130% of the rated lifting capacity.
5. Delayed alarm time: 1~2 seconds
6. Sensor overload capacity: 1.5 times the rated lifting capacity
7. Operating environment conditions: -10℃ ~ +60℃, 90RH
8. Power supply voltage: ~380V+10% -15%50Hz (other power supply voltages need to be specified)
9. Relay contact capacity: ~250V, 10A
10. Sensor protection level: IP65
11. Protection level of electrical control box: IP54
■ Working principle
The lifting load on the lifting equipment causes the tension of the steel wire rope to change, which is then converted into an electrical signal by the side pressure sensor, and it is the basic working principle of BQX to judge whether the license is overloaded by the load relationship corresponding to the signal size.
The main control board part mainly calculates and judges the signal size, and gives the corresponding communication signal to the display part, and the display part displays the size of the current indicated weight. The control circuit is assembled on the main control board, and the acousto-optic indicator is independently externally connected so that the user can connect the high-power acousto-optic alarm device.
Product name