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Instrument box SQX-2B

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  • Instrument box SQX-2B

Product name:Instrument box SQX-2B

Product introduction

Instrument box SQX-2B
1. ■ SQX-2B type
1. SQX-2B lifting weight limiter is composed of two parts: sensor and electrical control instrument. It is a safety protection device widely used in cranes, door cranes and hoisting equipment. The main technical indicators of the limiter are better than those of GB12602-90 "Lifting Machinery Overload Protection Safety Device" as follows:
No name and model skills requirement
1 Precision Display accuracy≤5%F, S, action error≤3%F, S (full load)
2 Pre-alarm 90% of the rated lifting capacity will give an audible and visual alarm
3 Delayed alarm 105% of the rated lifting capacity continues to sound and light alarm, delay 1-2 seconds relay action, cut off the lifting power supply.
4 Call the police immediately The 130% relay of the rated lifting capacity will act immediately to cut off the lifting power supply.
5 Power supply 220V or 380VAC, 50Hz
6 working environment -20% ~ +60%, ≤90%RH.
7 Protection level The sensor is IP65 and the instrument box is IP42.
8 Sensor overload capacity 1.5 times the rated lifting capacity.

Product name