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Single speed remote control LH-D1

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  • Single speed remote control LH-D1

Product name:Single speed remote control LH-D1

Product introduction

Single speed remote control LH-D1
*Operating temperature: -35~+80 degrees Celsius
* Operating distance: 100 meters
*Transmitter power supply: AA alkaline electricity × 2
*Transceiver power supply: AC48/110/220/380V (optional) DC 12~24V
*Protection level: IP65
*Identification code: 43-bit group unique identification code (32-bit)
* Hamming code: ≥4
*The reinforced plastic shell made by Ninon can prevent damage caused by falling and strong collision
*IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating.
*Full series of hardware/software are fully compatible, which can save inventory expenditure
* Low power consumption (the average service life can be up to 2 months using two AA alkaline batteries)
*Multiple button functions can be set via PC software (compatible with Win98/ME/2000/XP), which can fully meet various operating requirements
*The receiver includes an output cable, which is simple and fast to install.
The main features are:
1. The transmitter is safe and efficient;
2. Low harmonic frequency modulation transmitting circuit;
3. It has the characteristics of high stability and power saving;
4. With high gain and high quality factor correction antenna, it can transmit information with weak transmitting power;
5. Use 40 serial position codeless chip, with sequential circuit, voltage detection, power control, analog linearity
The circuit can be quickly coded to reduce emission noise;
6. With automatic frequency correction, automatic adjustment and correction functions;
7. Press the power button to start the transmitter automatically, and press the stop button to automatically turn off the power of the transmitter, saving power and durable;
8. The receiver uses a narrowband receiving circuit with high selection, high gain, low noise and low artifacts;
9. It can operate for a long time in a wide temperature range, and the calibration antenna with high quality factor value can eliminate external interference;
10. It can effectively and automatically correct the deviation of the frequency modulation rate caused by temperature, voltage and long time;
11. The decoding relay condenses many fast components into an IC chip, which enhances reliability and anti-interference, and has a high degree of selection and judgment ability on the code;
12. The product is small in size, light and flexible, and has stable performance.
13. Equipped with a variety of safe circuit designs such as relay component failure automatic stop output, internal component failure detection and stop output, and other safety and reliability considerations;
14. The entire remote control is waterproof, shockproof and shockproof;
Product name