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HK-GX fixed rotary soot blower

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  • HK-GX fixed rotary soot blower

Product name:HK-GX fixed rotary soot blower

Product introduction

HK-GX fixed rotary soot blower
Its characteristics are as follows:
■ Installation method: vertical, horizontal
■ The change of cam arc determines the purging range
■ Soot blowing medium: superheated steam, compressed air
■ The soot blowing pressure can be changed by changing the position of the pressure regulating plate
■ The unique flexible valve seat design does not affect the sealing effect due to temperature difference changes
■ The support plate in the furnace can prevent the barrel from bending
■ The rush tube is connected with the coupling sleeve of the body. It ensures the free movement of the barrel
■ The floating packing seat can ensure a good seal between the soot blower and the boiler, and prevent the flue gas from escaping
Product name