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HX-P5 rake soot blower

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  • HX-P5 rake soot blower

Product name:HX-P5 rake soot blower

Product introduction

HX-P5 rake soot blower 
HX—P5 type rake soot blower is mainly used to purge the flue gas denitrification device (SCR) of power station boilers, in the finned tube economizer, tubular air preheater and other parts of the boiler and the convection tube bundle of some small boilers , And some special boilers (such as waste heat boilers) where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C are also widely used.
■ Soot blowing main pipe and rake tube-choose different materials of soot blowing main pipe and rake pipe according to the flue gas temperature in the furnace. According to the specific project, the rake tubes can be designed in one or more rows.
■ Nozzles--A number of high-efficiency venturi-type nozzles are arranged on the rake tube, and the size of the nozzle is specially selected according to the specific project.
■ Support and guide mechanism---arranged in parallel on both sides of the purged surface to support and guide the advance and retreat of the rake tube.
■ Control system-control power supply and power supply enter the control box on the soot blower, which can realize remote and local control.
■ Sealing of inner tube and soot blowing tube-graphite packing is used for sealing to ensure the reliability of the seal.
■ Valve--The sealing surface is made of surfacing cobalt-chromium-tungsten carbide, which has good sealing performance and is durable. The built-in pressure regulating plate on the outlet side of the valve can accurately adjust the outlet pressure of the valve.
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