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SG-100KVA three-phase dry-type transformer

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  • SG-100KVA three-phase dry-type transformer

Product name:SG-100KVA three-phase dry-type transformer

Product introduction

SG-100KVA three-phase dry-type transformer
product description
The three-phase dry-type transformer has the functions of step-up and step-down in the power grid. The three-phase isolation transformer can also isolate the third harmonic of the grid to the equipment. The primary and secondary are shielded by copper foil, which effectively protects the interference of the grid harmonics to the equipment. . It is especially suitable for voltage conversion of import and export equipment. The capacity specification is between 0.1KVA and 1500KVA. It is suitable for various three-phase power supply occasions where the AC frequency is 50-60HZ, and the input and output voltage does not exceed 1600V. Product input and output voltage (three-phase or multiple input and output, etc.), connection mode, adjustment of tap position, winding capacity distribution, secondary winding equipment, outer box (selected according to different use environments), can all be based on the user's It requires careful design and manufacturing.
applies to:
Widely used in the import and export of foreign machine tool equipment power supply supporting use, printing machines, textile machines, powder squeezing machines, medical equipment, engraving machines, servo motors, CNC machine tools, grinders, laser cutting machines, electric welders, heating equipment, water pumps, processing equipment , Laboratories, construction sites, ships, docks, industrial and mining tunnels, tunnel boring machines, fans, air compressors, steel heating, spring heating, etc.
  product description
The product has unparalleled advantages in the design and production of transformers used in import and export precision equipment. It has long supplied transformers to many domestic and foreign import and export equipment manufacturers such as Omron and Delta. This series of transformers are specially designed for enterprise equipment power supply to solve the confusion of equipment unavailability caused by different voltages at home and abroad (such as three-phase input 1200v, 1140v, 690v, 660v, 440V, 420V, 400V, 380V, 360v three-phase Output 480V, 460V, 440V, 415V, 400V, 240V, 230V, 220V, 210V, 208V, 200V, 190V, 182V, 173V, 120V, 110V, 100V, etc., or design according to customer requirements). Its product features have stable operation, excellent performance, fireproof, moisture-proof, energy-saving and convenient maintenance.

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