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BHP Nitrogen Purification Equipment

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  • BHP Nitrogen Purification Equipment

Product name:BHP Nitrogen Purification Equipment

Product introduction

BHP Nitrogen Purification Equipment

Nitrogen Output 10~2000Nm³/h
Nitrogen Purity ≧99.995% or ≧99.9995%
Nitrogen Dew Point ≦-60℃
Oxygen Content ≦5ppm
Hydrogen Content 500ppm~5%(adjustable)
Working Principle
Under the action of catalytic agent,the oxygen in the low-purity nitrogen and the hydrogen added into the system generate water after combustion reaction.After removing the residual oxygen and further denitrification,it goes into drying system to dehydrate deeply and high-purity nitrogen is produced.
Configuration Function
▶Automatic nitrogen-adding and-proportioning device with national patented technology has high control precision and reliable safety;
▶Energy-saving technique with national patented technology makes the energy consumption ofthe system reduce greatly;
▶Automatic venting device with national patented technology ensures the quality of the produced nitrogen;
▶The key parts of the system adopt the famous brand,which is the effective guarantee of the equipment quality;
▶It has functions of diagnosis,alarming and automatic troubleshooting for several failures;
▶The centralized monitoring system can provide centralized monitoring of the auxiliary equipments such as nitrogen PSA equipment,nitrogen production device,etc.
▶DCS communication interface is optional.
Technical Indexes
BHP-I type
▶ Nitrogen Output: 10 ~ 2000 Nm³/h
▶ Nitrogen Purity: ≥ 99.995%
▶ Oxygen Content: ≤ 5 ppm
▶ Hydrogen Content: 500 ppm ~ 5% (adjustable)
▶ Dew Point: ≤ - 60 ℃
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