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BMN Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

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  • BMN Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

Product name:BMN Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

Product introduction

BMN Membrane Separation Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Output 5~3000Nm³/h
Nitrogen Purity 95%~99.9%
Nitrogen Pressure 0.1~1.2MPa(adjustable)
Nitrogen Dew Point -40℃ or -60℃
Working Principle
Membrane separation nitrogen-making technology depends on thedifferent so lub lity and diffusion coefficient of nitrogen and oxygen in themembrane under the action of pressure difference of the two gases on the two sides of the membrane.Water vapor.oxygen and other gaseous matters with rapid permeability permeate through the membrane first and become oxygen-rich gas;while nitrogen with slower per me ablity will retain to concentration and become dry nitrogen-rich gas so as to realize separation of oxygen and nitrogen.
Configuration Function
▶Easy operation,reliable running,high automation,no moving part and no cyclical switch,so as to meet the requirement for long-term and continuous operation;
▶Convenient and quickstart on/shutdown and produce qualified nitrogen within short time after start on the machine;
▶Low energy consumption and the degree of purity of nitrogen can be continuously adjustable;
▶There is no noise and pollution in the separation process and the purity of nitrogen is high without any harmful waste;
▶The nitrogen production capacity can be expanded through increasing the amount of the membrane component,so as to meet the customer's requirements for different quantity of nitrogen output It has devices to detect and protect the quality of the entering air through the membrane component to ensure that the qualified air gets into the membrane component,so as to improve the service life of membrane;
▶The machine is compact in structure,easy to install and small in size;
▶It has wide applications and is resistant to many chemical pollutions;
▶The remote monitoring system,automatic adjustment device of purity,DCS communication,etc.are optional.
Technical Indexes
▶ Nitrogen Output: 5 ~ 3000 Nm³/h
▶ Nitrogen Purity: 95% ~ 99.9%
▶ Nitrogen Pressure: 0.1 ~ 1.2MPa (adjustable)
▶ Nitrogen Dew Point: - 40 ℃ or - 60 ℃
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