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ADL heatless regeneration compressed air dryer

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  • ADL heatless regeneration compressed air dryer

Product name:ADL heatless regeneration compressed air dryer

Product introduction

ADL heatless regeneration compressed air dryer

Rated processing gas volume 0.5~500Nm³/min
Working pressure 0.6~0.8MPa (available for 0.8~3.0MPa)
Inlet temperature <38℃
Pressure loss ≦0.02MPa
Finished product gas dew point -40℃ or -52℃
Ambient temperature 38℃
Regeneration air consumption ≦12%
Running cycle 10 minutes (can be modified)
working principle
Non-heat regeneration compressed air drying is a kind of equipment that uses microporous desiccant to adsorb water molecules to dry compressed air based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption.
Configuration function
▶Low regeneration air consumption and low energy consumption;
▶The dew point of the finished product is stable;
▶Microcomputer control, LCD, LED real-time display of equipment operating status;
▶Multiple fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic processing functions;
▶Reasonable structure design, easy to operate and maintain;
▶With online parameter modification and protection functions;
▶Online dew point control function with national patent technology can maximize energy saving (can be equipped first);
▶Optional RS485/RS232 communication interface, joint control function, etc.
Technical index
▶Rated processing gas volume: 0.5~500Nm³/min
▶Working pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa (0.8-3.0MPa available)
▶The dew point of finished product: ≦-40℃ or ≦-52℃
▶Inlet air temperature: <38℃
▶Environmental temperature: 38℃
▶Air consumption for regeneration: ≦12%
▶Pressure loss: ≦0.02MPa
▶Operation cycle: 10 minutes (can be modified)
Product name